Dear Patients,

Your support, appreciation and encouragement have truly been overwhelming!! Thank You!

As you may know, or have just found out, I turned in my resignation with Sadler 4-5-10, and my last day was 5-7-10.

If you have any general questions, please call my cell phone 281-772-5685 or visit my website located at:

Due to malpractice insurance restrictions, I will not be able to "practice medicine" or call in new prescriptions or give refills for the month of May. I can give general advice and make recommendations if you need to be seen and where.

For the time being, please contact my former office at Sadler for any refills that are needed 281 297-6439. My former PA, Mrs. Wolken or another physician should be able to handle this for you. They may require you to be seen for the refill.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience to you, but I look forward to seeing you soon.

Please continue to check this site for more information.


Paul Decker, MD




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